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"Ars Nigrum Draconis"

Qliphoth journal is a grimoire focusing the diverse paths of magick in its entire splendor. Our main focus is to cross the paths of knowledge via praxis, ritual and gnosis. For opus VI "Ars Nigrum Draconis" we developed part of the gnosis of the mouth of the dragon focusing diverse paths into the left hand path sorcery though diverse essays, musick, visuals and rituals.

Including approx 130 pages in 120 grms quality paper
Black faux leather,silver end papers,silver Art on the cover by Asenath Mason. Also a ritual musick cd to complement the grimoire.
the first 33 copies comes with a mala with the sigil of Thaumiel
Cost $ 60 us (15 us shipping post worldwide)
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*The Invocation of The Heralds of Dawn and Dusk - Nikolai Saunders
*Nephthys - Darkness and Sacrifice -Asenath Mason
*A'arab Zaraq : Under The Shadow of Dispersion - Leonard Dewar
*Using Our Ordinary Senses in Evocation -Bo Headland
*The Eye of Kal Thalin - Sean woodward
*A Carpathian Working -Lukasz Grochocky
*The Cyber Vampire;Feeding Within The Consensual Reality Matrix -S Ben Qayin
*The Dark Witcheries of Keziah Mason - Nekromagickal
*Shub-Niggurath Necromancies -Nekromagickal
*A Prayer to Kain - Matthew Wightman
*Rite of The Three Norns -Darren Taylor
*The Son of Belial - Jose Perez
*The Transplutonian Rite of Shalicu -Edgar Kerval
*Gargophias: Atavisms from the shadows -Edgar Kerval

Amanda Sipes
Barry James Lent
Mitchell Nolte
Sean woodward
Bathory Legion
Matt Baldwin -Ives
Anderson Silva

Ritual Musik Cd
Sean Woodward
Bathory Legion
Emme Ya
The Red Angle

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The Shadow Tarot 
by Linda Falorio

The Classic Occult grimoire first published in 1988 by Linda Falorio and fred Flower, is now released in a beautiful deluxe edition limited to 22 hand numered copies, each one of them corresponding within the respective Tunnels and consecrated directly with the energies of the nightside tree. The Shadow Tarot has been created as an exploration tool for delving into those areas of the psyche that find their reflection in the Collective Unconscious and the Archetypal Shadow.
The images represent the Nightside of consciousness as opposed to our ordinary "dayside" reality. Through her art and writing Linda seeks to create a direct outré experience in the viewer of transforming states of self-awareness; to open Gates into vast, unexplored inner geographies of the psyche, finding beauty and power in the twistings and turnings of the Inner Labyrinth.
This deluxe comes in two editions:

*11 copies in red colored goatskin leather 
*Black sigilized papers
*The front cover comes with its respective sigil of the typhonian tunnel in black
*The grimoire include colorful pages of each one of the 22 tarot arcane
*Includes a ritual cd called "Maxima  mysteria typhoniana" 60 minutes of qliphotic trance ritual soundscapes
cost $ 125 ( including registered shipping post)

*11 copies in black shinning goatskin leather
*Red sigilized marbled papers
*The front cover comes with its respective sigil of the typhonian tunnel in golden
*The grimoire include colorful pages of each one of the 22 tarot arcane 
*Includes a ritual cd called "Maxima  mysteria typhoniana" 60 minutes of qliphotic trance ritual soundscapes
*A Typhonian mala for respective workings( silver & Bronze)
*Magickal Wand
*All comes in a special box with sigil in front

cost $ 250 us + 50 us (shipping post via Fedex)

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Sirius Limited Esoterica

volume I
by Bill Duvendack
with art by Rich Brewer

A working Enochian group came across information in the Enochian system that has been hidden in plain sight but undiscovered for over 400 years, and in this volume you will learn what this is.
Part new system and part new interpretation of Enochian, this volume will go into great detail about an approach to Enochian that is both new and old at the same time, and has never been discussed in printed material until now. Watch for the final volume, volume 2 to be released in the near future. In that volume will be experiences the group had while working with this material.

Price : $ 100 us (includes registered shipping post)
limited to 50 copies
Included will be full color insert cards of the five enochian tablets
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Aetheric Atavisms

(The Intoxicating Garden of Samael)

The Gnosis of samael is the vehicle of the reception of draconian and qliphotic methods of worship using diverse methods and forms of fetishes and invocations.
a threefold path to the temple of its sacred fire whose manifestations will awake in the inner self of the adept the infernal power of immortality in a deep spiritual level, and will transform in a master of the primal oneiric path and astral atavisms expanding consciousness to unlimited levels.Also the Sorcerer who works with Samael shall assume the form of diverse astral, pre-totemic spirits which crawl through the Typhonian tunnels of A'ANO'NIN & Malkunofat.This grimoire is a sigil consecrated and incarnated in this plane via the sinister path, whose angles acts as portals to the influx of the current of Samael.

*The Grimoire comes in hard bound Black Faux leather cover & red sigil
*includes A palo santo sigil wand and a black candle with drawn sigil
*Cd "The Hidden Rites of Samael"
*comes in a Black bag
*Grimoire limited to 33 copies only

Price $ 100 us including shipping post worldwide


* Intoduction : Asenath Mason


Chapter 0:Proclamation in the Tower of Fire

Chapter I: Secleya mayet (A rite of disperssion)

Chapter II: Languaje of the Red God

Chapter III: The Tree Of Flesh and Bones

Chapter IV: Conclave of sacred Sexuality


Chapter 0:The Vision , The Shadow and the Cubic Stone

Chapter I:Guardian of the 7th Temple

Chapter II: The rite of The Infernal Seed

Chapter III: The Lord of The Abysmal void

Chapter IV:The Rite of the Great Void


Chapter 0: Sacred Fetish & Hidden Formulas

Chapter I: Invocation to Atavistic shadow (formula Nox Vel Atahantos)

Chapter III:Consecration of Athame and Palo santo burning wand

Chapter IV: Empowering Incenses & Astral Calls

Chapter V:Empowering rite of Self- initiation


Chapter 0: Opening the Seal of A'Ano'nin

Chapter I:Necromantic Tree of thousand eyes

Chapter II:Opening the seal of Malkunofat

Chapter III:The urn,and lantern of Malkunofat

Chapter IV: Epilogue

The Grimoire includex 90 pages
including 15 full colour plates with the art of :
Sean woodward
Matt Baldwin-Ives
Mahamvantara Arts
Serpent Soul Arts
Sarah Jayne Farrer

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Aetheric Atavisms Series 

Vol IV


Asenath Mason & Edgar Kerval

The Chants Ov Belial Is an unveiled devotional grimoire focused to develop the current of BELIAL, through an exhaustive exposition of praxis and gnosis. The grimoire is an exploration of mysterious 
wisdom & sacred spiritual metamorphosis, manifesting formulas of self transformation into the hidden labyrinths in which Belial dwells. Invocations, prayers, rituals of empowerment offering the adept a path of wisdom and illumination into the divine nature of man, using the infernal fire of Belial to awaken the hidden gnosis under the roots of primigenian sorcery.

The Standard Edition
Comes limited to 55 hand numered copies
includes a Cd with a ritual composition to focus the essence of Belial
Comes in printed cover with the art of Asenath Mason
Price $ 80 us (including worldwide shipping cost)

The Especial Edition
Comes limited to 33 hand numered copies
includes a Cd with a ritual composition to focus the essence of Belial
A wood talisman and a piece with the sigil burned
Comes in Faux leather. Quarter Black & Dark blue and sigil on silver.
150 grams paper.
Price $ 115 us (including worldwide shipping cost)

The Deluxe Edition (coming soon)
Limited to 11 copies
includes a Cd with a ritual composition to focus the essence of Belial
A wood talisman and a piece with the sigil burned and a printed
Comes in black goat skin leather
price $ 250 us (including worldwide shipping cost)
The Grimoire of the Arachnean Goddess

Is a manuscript of devotion and madness, revealing aspects of Lilitu-Az covered by the arcane mysteries of sacred sexuality and the explorative visions of its gnosis under the tunnel of Thantifaxath. Rtuals to connect with the current of Naamah under its arachnian form, invocations and preparations of insences,tinctures and mantras to penetrate the astral temples of the vampire queen of the sabbat. The grimoire reveals the path of initiatory magick of blood and its respective rituals of empowerment of soul.

The Grimoire comes in 3 editions

The circle of withblood
limited to 33 hand numered copies
This edition comes with printed hard cover design, 120 grms paper, "Orgath Bath Mahalath" ritual musik double cd, in a black bag
cost $ 75 us including shipping post

The Lilitu Az edition
limited to 23 hand numered copies
comes in a 3/4 black and red faux leather hard cover, 120 grms paper, "Orgath Bath Mahalath" ritual musik double cd, the rosarium of eisheth zenunim in onyx stones and wood piece altar printed sigil in black bag
Cost $ 115 us including shipping post

The Gnosis of Arachnean Goddess
edition  Limited to 11 hand numered copies
comes in  goat skin leather hard cover, 120 grms paper, "Orgath Bath Mahalath" ritual musik double cd, the rosarium of eisheth zenunim in onyx stones, wood piece altar printed sigil and a consecrated magickal wand
cost $ 250 us and $ 50 us shipping post (via Fedex)

Info :  kerval111@gmail.com

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LIL AZ'H'AZ LIL "the grimoire of the arachnian goddess"

coming soon
"the grimoire of the arachnian goddess"
Edgar Kerval

 by Asenath Mason

*Lilitu- Az :A Temple, A Path explored

*The Astral Path Of Lilitu
(Vampire Astral Queen)

*The Acausal Rite Of Lilitu

*Through the Cave of Az

*Sexual Congress of Lilitu-Az

*The Rite Of The Black Serpents

*The Lascive Rites Of Naamah

*The Five Pillars Of Fire

*The First Pillar Of Fire
(Fire of Naamah)

*Invocation Through The Fire Of Naamah

*The Second Pillar Of Fire
(The Fire of Isheth Zenunim)

*Invocation Through The Fire Of Isheth Zenunim

*The Third Pillar Of Fire
(The Fire Of Orgath Bath Mahalath)

*Invocation Through The Fire Of Orgath Bath Mahalath

*The Fourth Pillar Of Fire
(The Fire Of Az)

*Invocation Through the Fire Of Az

*The Fifth Pillar Of Fire
(The Fire Of Lilitu-Az)

*Invocation Through the Fire Of Lilitu -Az

*Rite Of Absorbing The Lunar Current Of 

* The Phosphoresent Red Tunnel of Thantifaxath

*The pyramid Of Thantifaxath
(Dream Path Working)

*The Queen Of the night
(Hymn to Lilitu)
by Nekro 23

*The Sacred Elixirs And Tinctures

*The Final Pylon Of Lilitu
(Automatic writing)

Images in the book by : Sarah-Jayne Farrer, Barry James Lent, Matt Baldwin-Ives, Diego Sanchez Garcia, Kaela and Edgar Kerval
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