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Sirius Limited Esoterica
Aetheric Atavism
Vol II

Sean woodward / Edgar Kerval

The Aetheric Atavisms monography series continues expanding awarenees and opening the powers of oracular temples.
This time ,through The Infernal Faces Of Hekate, a grimoire developed by two visionary souls through their works with the hekate into paraxis and gnosis of the goddess.

Sean Woodwards discover the mythic transformation of hekate and why she is she so important to both the Typhonian and Voudon Gnosis. 
It includes extracts from The Sutra of ZAL, The Nocturnal Book of the Voltigeur, The Book of Phorash and the occult excavations of the Roman Empire, Renaissance cathedrals, Fairy Mounds and the Witchcraft Museum of Boscastle. This work is "a magical book of revelations" - to take up one of Michael Bertiaux's suggestions from the Voudon Gnostic Workbook.

From Edgar's perspective you will discover how Hekate is a threefold masked infernal goddess strongly connected with the feminine energies of man and associated with the process of initiation. How she reveals to us the illuminated path that the adept must cross in order to travel the astral path of self-deification and inner transcendence. 

Through this mask the adept transcends the gateways of the void. This mask also represents many paths into sacred sexuality which offer the adept a deep communion within the hidden secret sexual currents and initiates a voyage through the infernal tunnels in which the hidden flame of initiation touch the soul and burn it, transforming it living knowledge and experience used by the adept in diverse works of self-transcendence.

"Kalas of the astral witch" edition comes in a hard cover edition with colorful art
 130 high quality paper text block
comes in a red bag and sigil in front
and a ritual musik cd called "The black witch songs"
limited to 55 copies.
cost 60 us (including shipping post worldwide)

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opus V
"Devouring the Draconian Flames"

This grimoire was conjurated under diverse paths of sorcery, under the eye of the red watchers, guardians of the secret draconian flame ,whose light is the lamp guide through the labyrinhs of black serpent gnosis. Each angle was covered with its respective sigil and conjuration for this grimoire. Opening the pillars of fire of the night and aetheric calls to its sacred manifestation.

" Devouring The Draconian Flames" The Oracular fire edition comes in black hardbound cover with powerful stele Of Kuf'Enkh.
Includes a ritual music cd of EMME YA " The Masks Ov Belial"

This edition is limited to 33 hand numered copies 
Book cost : $ 80 us(registered shipping post worldwide)

Table of content

*Children of Cain - Laurie Pneumatikos
* The Dream Working - Lukasz Grochocki
* The Vortex of Fire - Asenath Mason
* Daäth, This Death Where Dying Lies Dead - Kabultiloa Zamradiel
* The Fires of Sat B'hai - Sean Woodward
* Tiamat to Dagon - The Raging Seas of Da'ath - S. Connolly
* The Scroll Of Kuf'Enkh - Hagen von tulien
* Mastery and the Illusion Of Failure - Brian Dempsey
* Tiamut Fusion and Eiji Possession - Anuki Gabual
* Tezcatlipoca the Black - N.A:O
* Liber 0
(The Witchblood Kala) (part I) The Proclamation - Edgar Kerval / Nemirion 71
*Andrew Cummins
*Melek Rsh Nvth IX
*Sean Woodward
*Barry James Lent
*Hagen von tulien

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The Grimoire of the Black Serpent

Is an extensive work of draconian gnosis and qliphothic sorcery experimenting with diverse technics from automatic drawings, paintings, meditations, dream path workings, invocations and shamanism.
This grimoire is an atavistic call to the exploratons to the infernal gateways and waters of chaos, and offering a deep communion between the spirit of darkness where inhabits the adept and the blackened flame, which guide you to the gates of knowledge and exploration to the deeper gnosis of the void.

Through this grimoire you are opening the draconian eye through spirit and flesh and your alchemical process through the sinister flame begin. You experience how to walk through its tunnels of its hidden wisdom and begin to awake the invoked and manifested powers through you. When its magickal essence penetrate through the astral gateways of its sacred manifestations your soul is touched by its venomous black flame.

The grimoire is stricly  limited to 77 hand numered copies and consecrated in a ceremony called "The opening the eye of the serpent"

The first 50 copies includes two colorful cards with the art of Andrew Cummings.cover art by Barry james lent. Also "Nag Alak Ist Xul" ritual music cdr by EMME YA

Table of contents


I – The Eye ov the Draconian Spirit

II – The Forbidden Flame 

III – The Caves ov Nag 

IV – Atavistic Call to Cross the Infernal Gateways

V – Atavistic Call to Paint the Seal of Nag 

VI – Atavistic Call to Invoke the Dragon Serpent Nag 

VII – Atavistic Call to Pass Through Acausal Currents

VIII – Atavistic Call to Ingress the Red Temple

IX – Devouring the Essence of the Mysterious Rays 

X – Atavistic Call to Rise the Inner Fire 

XI – Atavistic Call to Channelize the Essence 

XII – Atavistic Call to Primal Obsessions

XIII – Atavistic Call to Absorb the Seed 

XIV – Dissolving the Primordial Chaos of Spirit and Flesh

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Sirius Limited Esoterica 
is proud to present you
Aethyric Atavisms

A monographic series of small grimoires of arte magika veiled through the sacred oracles and primal manifestations of deep praxis and gnosis evocating the luminous atavisms through sacred aethyrs explored via nightside emanations.

The volume one
NAx Arak NAx
(The rites Of the Black dragon)
Edgar Kerval

An extended exposition of the path of the black dragon, whose mouth devours the adept to trascends the nightside labyrinths. Its sacred mysteries revealed in kerval's gnosis through the influx of diverse exitatory trance states, lucid dreaming and automatic sacred arte.
Table Content

The sacred Rite and Formulas of the Draconian Path

The Rite ov Purifyng Fire

Malat Atat 
Atavisms ov The Forbidden Flame

Trimuli Ast Mur
Ceremonial Rite of shaitan- Lucifer

Mezax Vatir
the seventh Elixir

conjuratio ov purple shadow of N'g xmin

Ritual:Crossroads of fire ,The eternal eye opened 

Rite of The Seal Ov the great dragon

-limited to 33 hard bound hand numered and signed copies

-consecrated on 2ith september in a private ceremony in the red chambers

-Includes 50 minutes ritual cd called  "Leviathanic meditations" by Edgar Kerval

- Comes in a clothe bag with sigil

price : $ 50 us (including shiping post registered worldwide

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"The vessels of the black dragon,transmigrates the soul of the adept through the city of the pyramids,  beyond thy light of power the self transformative path,  opens to you the gateless gate to the mysteries of oracular labyrinth under the eye of the Red Gods..."
by Edgar Kerval 

"The Masks Ov Belial"
Pro cdr 2015

The album was recorded during live rituals and trance manifestations at the month of October 2013,after some perios of isolation and self- illumination. The work was really potent and charged with the innefable light of Belial and each one of its primal masks,veiled in mysterious wisdom and sacred spiritual metamorphosis which is reflected in each one of the 4th compositions unleashed here,through 51 minutes of pure ritual dark ambient.

List Tracks

1-The Mask ov the black Serpent
  (the Fire ov Infernal Gnosis)

2-Devoured by the Sacred Essence
  (Belial's Manifesto)

3- The Mask ov Infernal Void
 (Ayi Opinit Maret)

4-Under the Seal ov Infinite Wisdom
(The Temple ov Shadows)

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(Voices from the Void)
Pro - cdr 2015

Is hallucinatory voyage into the mysterious gardens devoured by the gods of the night.Secret hiden calls and wishpers from the shadows open the crossroads for the deification of the self, animism of the soul focusing into deep ritual atmospheres though the use of percusive sounds, distant calls, horn sounds, mantras to create a suggestive album through almost 40 minutes of pure Ritual musik.

The album comes in a half letter beautiful redish cover including A poster, 4 cards representing each one of the 4 compositions including here. 2 insense sticks, and a red candle with the purpose you enter the trance space of "Erotognosis" and the influx of voudon energies latent withing the whole album.

List tracks
1-Alchemy Ov Red Sperm(The Rite Of Zom)
2-Etheric Void Eyaculation
3-Grimoire Ghuedhe
4-The Purple Temple(Sperm fragments to Bacaloubaca)

Price 10 us and 5 us (shipping post worldwide)

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"Apsinthion" pro cdr 2015

Abby Helasdottir and Edgar Kerval works during a time to bring forth,this great piece,based in diverse deep atmospheres,percussive sounds and voices in order to create 9 ritual ambient compositions through 73 minutes. The album comes in a A3 cover design and colorful mini poster

Title tracks

01-We Shall Ascend The Stair

02-Dissolution in the Arms of Hekate

03-Seven Times I Rap Upon The Door

04-Apsinthion - Descending Through The Red Labyrinth

05-Apsinthion - Wormwood Star Descending

06-Apsinthion -  The Lunar Mirrors of Suicide

07-Apsinthion -  Dark Star

08-Apsinthion -  Self-Divine Androgyne

09-Apsinthion -  Wormwood Star Ascending

Price 10 us and 5 us (shipping post worldwide)

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"Oceans of  Blood and Transmigration of the Black flame"
Vol II

The second Volume of Sabbatica is a complete grimoire within depth aspects of Black alchemy & Necromancy, in praxis and ritual form, each one of the essays ,visuals , poetry  included here are a key to the mysteries of the blackned light that is hidden within. The initiation process in which the  individual may seek to strengthen and illuminate the self in own black flame.Through this
illumination, we shall carve deep inside the hidden manifestations , oneiric visions and sabbatical  knowledge. Each grimoire is a living talisman emanating its parallel continuity into the astral  realms of death & self trascendence. Edition limited to 77 copies only


*Náhellenia The Nether Moon within 
the Adversarial Path - Ljossal Lodursson

*When the Corpse Quickly Begins to Cool 
- Abby Helasdottir

- Brian Dempsey

*The Skull of Beelzebub 
-  Asenath Mason

*The Alchemical Preparation of 
Daemonic Elixirs
 - S. Connolly

*Spider Sorcerers of  Universe 
- Sean Woodward

*Possession Acts of Theophilia Amicitias 
Immortales Esse Oportet 
- Timothy Donaghue

*The 7 Realms Working 
- Lukasz Grochocki -

*Thantifaxath: The Black Kteis
 - Daemon Barzai -

*The Source Of Magick 
- Arturo Royal -

*Sexual congress : 
The Blackened Serpent and the Communion 
of Lilith & Samael
- Edgar Kerval- 

*Shiva the Destroyer of the Worlds 

*Empowerment of Daath -The Higher Sun 

*XIII - 
Nestor Avalos 

*Thanatos Mandalum - Magick Kazim

*Laid in the Bosom of the Dark Earth 
- Abby Helasdottir

*One Eye Snake 
*Angel of Death  
Barry James Lent

*Spider Sorcerer  - Sean woodward

price $ 80 us (worldwide including registered shipping post)

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-Under The Mask Ov The Red Gods- 
("The oracle of blood") edition

An in deep exploration inside the mysterious spirits manifestation known as The Red Gods. In this practical grimoire full of potent rituals though 4 years and the use of blood and sexual libations,Lucid dreaming meditations,automatic paintings,invocation, connect with each one of 7 qliphotic forces.
raw and suggestive visuals by Michael Gallant and Edgar Kerval.
A poweful book to those deeply into Qliphotic sorcery,left hand path...

A revised and included new pieces of visual art,trasgressive manifestationd and a ritual musik cd called "Vessels Ov Primigenian kaos".  

This edition of VIA SINIESTRA comes in colorful hard cover.
strictly limited to 33 copies only,signed and consecrated directly by Edgar Kerval

Table of Contents

*Preliminary Aspects Related the Red Gods 
*Elixirs For The Red Gods 
*The Spectral Light 
*Preliminary works in the use of rituals with spirits 
*Opening the Astral Temple (ritual) 
*Talisman Consecration Rite 
*Description and rituals for each one of the Red gods 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
*Zukut - Ma 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 

The book cost 75 us + 10 shipping post (worldwide)

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"Red icons manifesting in absolute nothingness
As a liquid light showing a path into the great void
Veils and tearing her invisible light
Showing strange voices manifesting in my being
And penetrating me with his sinister bursts
Pale faces formless pleasure and ecstasy
Madness and frenzy.... We have entered the new Aeon!
The Aeon of the Red Gods" 
by Edgar Kerval

NOXAZ is anthology book was forged with the unique purpose to explore in its most primal form the hidden chambers of the gnosis of the black serpent,as a key to the nightside visions and inner qliphothic process reached when the mind reaches back to the primigenian well of darkness. The awakening of Consciousness of each individual,the immortal seed of the will emerging from the fountains of forbidden wisdom.The primal current of the serpent planting its seed under the waters of kaos. This will be released by the promising Sirius limited esoterica a dedicated  reflecting musik,arte,handcraft books for exclusive collectors only!! Enchantment and primal craft through collected essays,and arte. The enigmatic expressionism,qliphotic sorcery evoked though 130 pages with full illustatrions and more yet to be revealed.

"Consecratio Coagula Elixir" comes in black hand grey hard cover and sigil of "Gran Bois". also this comes with 5 colorful cards . Each of the copies will be consecrated in offering to the serpent of the primordial darkness in which Noxaz inhabits. 

The deluxe "Evocatio Maledictus" edition limited strictly to 22 copies.

NOXAZ includes long and interesting pieces written exclusively for this publication as:

Abby Helasdottir-The Vine of Sodom 

Asenath Mason -In the Silver Waters of Qulielfi

Bill Duvendack-The Maya of the Qlippoth

Humberto Magi-The Gnosis of the Devil 

Linda Falorio-Dark Star of Chaos :Lafcursiax

Michael Kelly -Dragon Dark Serpent Bright

Sean Woodward -Dreamwalker of Leng

Dennis McCambridge
Joseph Curwen
Edgar Kerval
Sean woodward
Abby Helasdottir

for more info contact me at:

the book cost 60 us +10 us shipping post (worldwide) 

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A Practical Grimoire of Qliphotic Sorcery 

AST MA ION-EOS TAR NIXET is the deep examination through the fields of qliphothic sorcery. Its praxis, rituals and sabbatical maps gathered in a beautiful grimoire consecrated by the author and offered to respective qliphoth. The book itself is a portal to influx through a proper initiation in the Qliphotic mysteries,so we shall finally manifest our seeds of immortality under the throne of Thaumiel, and be self-crowned under the veil of its ineffable powers. Containing the entire invisible forces of astral, mental and spiritual worlds, moving through dark paths and primal atavisms, interconnecting with each other through infinite tunnels in the depths of the subconscious, Ast Ma Ion-Eos Tar Nixet.

The grimoire is limited to 111 copies only!!
The sinister Flame (standard edition) 100 copies
The primal shadow (deluxe) 11 copies
Each copy is hand numered and consecrated by the author.
Each book includes a ritual musik cdr called "Qliphotic Emanations" 
also the book includes an introduction by Aseanth Mason 


*Introduction (by Asenath Mason)
*Via qliphotica
*A brief comment about Qliphoths and Qliphotic sorcery
*Opening The Eye Of Lilith (Lilith)
*The Formula Of Isheth Zenunim (Rite Of Ingress)
*Intoxication In The Red Garden(Gamaliel)
*Sexual Dreaming, Path Working Rite
*Devouring The Inner Fire (Samael)
*The formula Of The Poison Of God (Rite of Initiation)
*Through The Claws Of Eternity (A'arab Zaraq)
*The rite of Black mirror
*Crossing The Black Sun (Thagirion)
*Transmuting The Black Egg of the void
*Beyond The Gate Of Burning Fire (GOLACHAB)
*The Rite Of Awakening The Primal Shadow
*Through the golden temple (Gha’Agsheblah)
*Death trance emanation ritual
*Reabsorbing the Spectral Vessel (Satariel)
*Rite of the spectral light
*The Mask Of  Astral copulation (GHAGIEL)
*Rite Of Opening the Astral Gate
*The Throne of Atavistic God(Thaumiel)
*The masks Of Thaumiel

Cd "Qliphothic Emanations" 

1.walking the nightside path
2.The shadows of Apotheosis
3.Ast Ma Ion-Eos Tar Nixet
4.sanctuary of the gnosis of the great void.
5.Turbulent waters of wisdom
6-A morpho-primal congregation.

67 minutes of pure ritual qliphothic emanations.

limited to 111 copies
includes art visuals seals by Edgar Kerval & Hagen Von tulien

The book cost:
75 us +10 shipping post (worldwide)
payment via paypal:

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Sirius Limited Esoterica is a small publishing house founded in 2015 with the final purpose to expand the black flame of the serpent through diverse limited esoteric arte as Grimoires, Musik, Talismans, which are handcraft by Edgar Kerval.

Each one of our grimoires and other materials are especially consecrated through diverse methods of sorcery. Our Grimories works as a potent gateway to the trasmission of hidden wisdom, sacred sigils made flesh in this existential plane.

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"…The entrance to the dance of carnal desires
Through eternal fire, the delineations of
Astral paths, Enflaming the secret communion of
Ecstasy and pain taking the nectars of the Red Liminal
Rites…" by Edgar Kerval