martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015

(Voices from the Void)
Pro - cdr 2015

Is hallucinatory voyage into the mysterious gardens devoured by the gods of the night.Secret hiden calls and wishpers from the shadows open the crossroads for the deification of the self, animism of the soul focusing into deep ritual atmospheres though the use of percusive sounds, distant calls, horn sounds, mantras to create a suggestive album through almost 40 minutes of pure Ritual musik.

The album comes in a half letter beautiful redish cover including A poster, 4 cards representing each one of the 4 compositions including here. 2 insense sticks, and a red candle with the purpose you enter the trance space of "Erotognosis" and the influx of voudon energies latent withing the whole album.

List tracks
1-Alchemy Ov Red Sperm(The Rite Of Zom)
2-Etheric Void Eyaculation
3-Grimoire Ghuedhe
4-The Purple Temple(Sperm fragments to Bacaloubaca)

Price 10 us and 5 us (shipping post worldwide)

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