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QLIPHOTH opus VII "Typhonian Erotognosis"

opus VII
"Typhonian Erotognosis"

The ethos of the typhonian calls, has risen from the vaporous towers of erotocomatose rituals of LIM ASH KAMAT,and through the liminal fire, Qliphoth opus VII emerges including 140 pages, with essays and colorful illustrations.

This time the grimoire will be released in 2 editions

Hard cover edition limited to 22 copies (includes Cd) $ 85 us (includes registered shipping post)
Deluxe Edition limited to 22 copies (includes pendant, and cd)
only distributed by MISKATONIK Books
for more info :

Shaman of Leng by Sean woodward

The Norns and the Left Hand Path by Toby Chappell

Malphas, builder of Structures by Asenath Mason

Slavic Demonology by Lukasz Grochocki

Qliphothic Astrology by Bill duvendack

The Call of the Devil by Leonard Dewar

An Emissary of the Infernal Blood by Dizmah

Golachab's wrath by Mike King

An Invocation to the Glorious Kurukulla by Veronica Rivas

Amunet by Fr Aiwass

The Many Tongues of Damballah by Edgar Kerval

illustrations by Gary Rosdemberg, Matt Baldwin Ives, Giselle Bolotin, Dizmah, Sean Woodward

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