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                                                                Aetheric Atavisms
                                                                          Vol VI
                                          LIFTOACH ISH 'A' GAMALIEL
                                      "The Mysteries of Lunar Magick 
                                         Sacred Sexuality"

 The hidden arcanum and atavistic totemic masks of the qlipha gamaliel, enter us into an exposition of praxis and gnosis of the darkside of yesod, via exploration of obscure dreams to focus the forbidden and sacred sexuality and its respective rituals of blood, via lunar magick and oneiric transmssions.
Through this grimoire the adpet reach an understanding of the structures of instincts and experience the use of blood, libations in magickal operations.

The grimoire comes limited to 111 copies and comes with ritual musik cd by Sean Woodward,Emme ya and Ia~Mt~Hi~Ng the first 33 comes with especial Ish 'A' Gamaliel insence + 5 print altar cards

The grimoire cost $ 75 us including registered shipping cost worldwide comes with full colorful art plates with the art of Sean woodward, Matt Baldwin-Ives, Magick Kazim,Joakim Siegers and Phil Abraham.

The deluxe edition is limited to 11 hand nu,ered copies comes with full goatskin leather Black and white and includes a silver & bronxe necklace.
Cost $ 250 us including registered shipping post


*Introduction (Asenath Mason)
*Witchraft and The Darkside of Yesod
*Menstrual Blood and Its Connections with Death & Fertility
*Sexual Dreaming (Pathworking Rite)
*Translucid Dreaming of Ish 'A' Gamaliel
*Through the Serpent's Mouth (Astral Temple of Gamaliel)
*Evoking Ish 'A' Gamaliel (Lunar Current Explorations)
*The Threefold Gate (Naamah, Lilith, Gamaliel)
*The hidden vulva Ish 'A' Gamaliel
*The mirror of Rafliflu
*invocation of  Ish 'A' Gamaliel
*The mysterious Gate of Saksaksalim
*Conjuration through the eye of Tzuflifu (Dreamworking rite)

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QLIPHOTH Ars Nigrum Draconis OPUS VI

Ars Nigrum Draconis
Opus VI
Qliphoth journal is a grimoire focusing the diverse paths of magick in its entire splendor. Our main focus is to cross the paths of knowledge via praxis, ritual and gnosis. For opus VI "Ars Nigrum Draconis" we developed part of the gnosis of the mouth of the dragon focusing diverse paths into the left hand path sorcery though diverse essays, musick, visuals and rituals. 

 "Ars Nigrum Draconis"
Including approx 130 pages in 90 grms quality paper

Black faux leather, black end papers, golden Art on the cover by Asenath Mason. Also a ritual musick cd to complement the grimoire.

the first 33 copies comes with a mala with the mala of Thaumiel Cost $ 60 us (15 us shipping post worldwide)

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*Evocation of the Heralds of Light - Nikolai Saunders
*Nephthys - Darkness and Sacrifice -Asenath Mason
*A'arab Zaraq : Under The Shadow of Dispersion - Leonard Dewar
*Using Our Ordinary Senses in Evocation -Bo Headland
*The Eye of Kal Thalin - Sean woodward
*A Carpathian Working -Lukasz Grochocky
*The Cyber Vampire;Feeding Within The Consensual Reality Matrix -S Ben Qayin
*The Dark Witcheries of Keziah Mason - Nekromagickal
*Shub-Niggurath Necromancies -Nekromagickal
*A Prayer to Kain - Matthew Wightman
*Rite of The Three Norns -Darren Taylor
*The Son of Belial - Jose Perez
*The Transplutonian Rite of Shalicu -Edgar Kerval
*Gargophias: Atavisms from the shadows -Edgar Kerval

ART by
Amanda Sipes
Barry James Lent
Mitchell Nolte
Sean woodward
Bathory Legion
Matt Baldwin -Ives
Anderson Silva

Ritual Musik Cd
Sean Woodward
Bathory Legion
Emme Ya
The Red Angle