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By S.Ben Qayin


Countless hours of study and practice go into the ‘Arte Magical’ that need be done to understand it in its entirety. Lost histories and obscure magicians must become known, archaic traditions and shadowed ceremonies understood. Though for me, understanding the workings of magic was much more than studying the past, it was also about embracing the cutting-edge philosophies of the present and expanding subject of quantum mechanics and philosophy. Knowledge is not free, and I have paid for it with my time. The subject matter of the works presented, span centuries of occult tradition and technique. They encompass a wide spectrum of discussion, from the importance of blood in magic, zombies and the undead to the science and mechanics behind what makes magic work"...

Foreword by Jon Vermillion

Art By Von Kurt

The book comes in two editions. Both in big size (Letter)

Standard one and Deluxe Edition. The last one comes in Full Leather and includes a beautiful Altar Clothe Flag!


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Table of Contents:




The Cyber Vampire; ‘Feeding Within the Consensual Reality Matrix’ 

The Rites of Wrath; ‘Vengeance Is Mine’

The Science of Magic; ‘All Is One’

The Arte Of Blood; ‘For the Blood Is the Life’

Dead…But Dreaming; ‘The Arte Of Necromancy, And the Calling Of The Fallen’ 

The Crawling Chaos of Infinite Form; ‘Nyarlathotep’

7. The Sonic Structure of Incantations; ‘Vibration Is The Key’

Final Word



By Sean Woodward


Do you remember Atlantis?

From the sunken woods below the water, to the faery queen Mab, the traces of the Atlantean Witchcraft can be found still. Explore the magic squares of SATOR and ONANA and the fabled White Temple of Atlantis.  Walk through the shattered lands of the Qliphoth and the low gravity of the Moon as the talismans of the Concourse of the Necromantic Forces are revealed. Traffic with the decadent denizens of the City of Cubes as we pass through the atral realms.

In the Serpent House of ZAL return to the eldritch teachings of Za-ah-Lin and learn the ways of the Voltigeurs. Discover the rites of the Gholems and the magicks of the Atlantean Brotherhood.

If you are interested in the esoteric, the hidden, then Atlantean Witchcraft will help you unlock your occult inheritance. Remember Atlantis, remember the Sporefathers, remember Mer-ah-Lin !


The Book comes in two editions in a big size (letter) The standard edition includes a Cd “the Secret Continent” with great music from Mr. Woodward to Accompany the reading and meditations.

The deluxe edition includes full leather cover, the cd and includes a clothe altar flag.


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Table of Contents


The Atlantean Witchcraft      

The Three-Faced Faerie Queen         

The Vampyre Lords of the Dead        

The Machines from Beyond Yuggoth

The Serpent House of ZAL     

The Eye of Kal Thalin  

The Concourse of Necromantic Forces         

Technological Voodoo           

The Purple Moons of Yuggoth

Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire           


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by Lukasz Grochocki

The Book of Niad-Zin or the “Book of Magickal Workings,” is a collection of essays that focus on the Magick of the Order of the Fire Fountain, Comparative Mythology, and Slavic Sorcery.

First, I explore the Fire Fountain magickal system, its many theoretical aspects, its practical applications, as well as its history and origins. Here is revealed the Secret Text of Creation, a Demon Oracle, and the Order’s Self Initiation Ceremony.

Next, I analyze several disparate religio-magickal systems from whose overlapping similarities I have distilled a series of rituals. Amongst these is a Luciferian conjuration of the Constellation of the Great Bear, an intriguing link between Mesoamerican myths and the Goetia, as well as instructions on creating an Egyptian style servitor.

Finally, I return to my roots where I research my Slavic heritage. Here I discuss such subjects as Slavic mythology, demonology and magick. In this section can be found such things as a long forgotten Fable, a Consecration of the Domovik House Spirit, and the Conjuration of the Demon Witch Baba Yaga!

This book is both a source of mythological examination and a compilation of ritualistic ceremonies. It’s purpose is to help and inspire the practitioner to delve deeper into their personal magickal evolution.

The book comes in two hardcover editions. Standard including Cd and Deluxe in full black goat skin leather including Cd, Wood altar piece and a printed clothe altar sigil piece.

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PART 1: Fire Fountain Workings

Chapter 1: A New Magickal Technology

Chapter 2: Fire Fountain Creation Myth

Chapter 3: The 7 Realms Working

Chapter 4: Ybte Myth Cycle

Chapter 5: Gates of the Dead

Chapter 6: A Necromantic Working

PART 2: Comparative Mythology

Chapter 7: The 7 Chthonic Sages Working

Chapter 8: 9 Lords of the Underworld

Chapter 9: The Bone River Working

PART 3: Slavic Workings

Chapter 10: Slavic Demonology

Chapter 11: A Carpathian Working

Chapter 12: The Dream Working

Chapter 13: Echoes from the Dream Forest

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The Book of Smokless Fire II : Into The Crucible


The Book of Smokeless Fire II : Into the Crucible

by S. Ben Qayin

Where “The Book of Smokeless Fire” reintroduced to the world, the Djinn of the house of 'Taw-All', and gave it the means to set them free against deserving targets, “The Book of Smokeless Fire II; Into the Crucible” picks up and continues the sinister tradition. Now that the Djinn have been reintroduced and a new system of evocation established, it's now time to delve deeper, to brush back the dunes of sand and work with a select few powerful Djinn. This volume will focus on Iblis, the first opposer and leader of the house of 'Taw-All', His mighty son; Zoobghah, His devastating daughter; Shara and a great king of Djinn; Fiqitush. This volume is to work with these beings on a core level, to truly bring out the base essence of the Smokeless Fire they are created from. In this work, intimate rituals are given to fully tap into the sinister nature that eternally flows through them...and guide the black magician on ‘The Path of the Serpent’... 

Foreword By Michael W. Ford 

Original Artwork By Kyle Fite 

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Two edition: Standard hard cover with Print cover and  Deluxe Goastskin Leather




Foreword: Michael W. Ford 


Outline Of The Magical System; ‘The Path Of The Serpent’  

Iblis; ‘The Darkening Of The Light’  

The Rite Of ‘Cold Reflection’  

The Rite Of ‘Sinister Allegiance’    

The Rite Of ‘The Holy Trinity’  

The Rite Of ‘Awakening’  

Meditation Of Iblis  

Fiqitush; ‘The Great Djinn King’  

The Rite Of ‘Infernal Presentation’  

The Rite Of ‘The Black Pact’ 

The Rite Of ‘Kingship’  

The Rite Of ‘Gate Opening’ 

Meditation Of Fiqitush  

The Mighty Zoobghah; ‘Son Of Iblis’  

The Rite Of ‘The Sword’  

The Rite Of ‘The Shield’  

The Rite Of ‘Wrath’  

The Rite of ‘Protection’ 

Meditation Of Zoobghah  

The Sinister Shara; ‘Daughter Of Iblis’  

The Rite Of ‘Vision’ 

The Rite Of ‘Hearing’  

The Rite Of ‘Voice’ 

The Rite Of ‘Centering’ 

Meditation Of Shara  

Final Words

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by Kyle Fite

HOODOO PILOT is released as a precursor to its developing sequel volume which will focus further on exploring the thematic material treated in this book including Numisgnosis, Linguistic Foundations of the Magical Universe and the Interstellar Ministry of the Abbe Boullan.

“I’ve long admired Kyle’s style of writing;  it is clear and dynamic, and admirably lucid. Across the vari-ety of essays and articles presented here, that clarity and dynamism is apparent. Also apparent is the di-versity of Kyle’s writing. When it comes to the esoteric, Kyle has a diverse range of interests – Freema-sonry; Buddhism; the Typhonian Tradition of Kenneth Grant; the Voudon-Gnostic Tradition of Michael Bertiaux; the mystical artwork, philosophy and sorcery of Austin Osman Spare, and the work of William Blake, to name but a few. Many of these interests are reflected in the various essays collected together in this book.

Their diversity notwithstanding, the essays and articles collected here have a common core:

...that we are lived, that we are expressions of a current, or indeed perhaps of several currents. We are masks through which Godhead expresses itself.

As someone who has admired both his artwork and his writing for many years, I am very pleased to see this collection of essays and artwork published, and heartily recommend it.”

-Michael Staley, from the Introduction

“This present collection of writings, collectively entitled HOODOO PILOT, spans a period of around 15 years, give or take. The first essay, BECOMING HOODOO, began when a student of the OTOA-LCN expressed personal conflict while beginning his study of the Monastery of the Seven Rays lessons and those of the now classic Lucky Hoodoo grimoire. The former expressed a type of Mystical Contemplation in the Sphere of Divine Consciousness. The latter, by contrast, seemed dirty, gritty and focused on the way things are “down here.”

It was really an issue of White Magic vs. Black Magic.

I found the problem to lie, not with either set of Lessons, but in the idea that the two Paths were in opposition. To an extent, BECOMING HOODOO began as a Hegelian response to an individual student of OTOA-LCN.

This response remains relevant. When faced with two diverging paths, we should consider possible  Points of Union or SYNTHESIS.

BECOMING HOODOO proved to be more popular than I had anticipated and was, subsequently, up-graded from private distribution to publication. I was also asked to continue the series. Within this present volume, the full series is now gathered together.  

The BECOMING HOODOO series moves into a variety of other material, some of which has only been shared in private journals (MABYN: A WORD LOST & FOUND) or appears in these pages for the first time (BECOMING HOODOO: THE NU BEING). This volume also includes the more recent installments in the STATESHIFTER series, previously serialized in the publication, Zazen Sounds.”

HOODOO  PILOT collects 16 essays and 31 artworks into 2 limited editions of 22 numbered Deluxe Editions bound in embossed goat skin leather with wooden talisman, includes full color plates. and 55 Standard copies.




Michael Staley

Becoming Hoodoo pt 1

Becoming Hoodoo pt 2

Becoming Hoodoo pt 3

Becoming Hoodoo pt 4:
The Exemplar

Becoming Hoodoo pt 5:
Behind the Glasses of Ghuedhe

Seven Feet Under:
The Heart of Fire beneath the Tongue of Silence

Orisons of the Oblique

Falling into Fire

The Syncretic Soul at the Cross of Cosmic Union

Vessels of Vision:
The Gnostic Artist as Magician of the Crossroads

A Word Lost & Found

Stateshifter pt 1

Stateshifter pt 2

Stateshifter pt 3:
Navigating the Nodensphere

Becoming Hoodoo:
The NU Being

Stateshifter pt 4:
Beyond Beauty

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by André Consciência

Our aim at The Way of Abrahadabra book was to offer individual adepthood to those treading the magickal path at the Aeon of Horus, proclaimed by Aleister Crowley as our present Era. In the present book we are aiming at a broader perspective. IPSOS is the word of the concurrent Aeon of Maat as proclaimed by the adept Nema, it means «by the same mouth» and the exercises that are about to be given seek to place the magician as an acting agent right at the center of the collective consciousness. But to do that, we will have to master the systems of all known Aeons.

At The Way of Abrahadabra we were bringing consciousness into the subconscious, now the subconscious will hopefully shower back with gifts and blessings. The author will not be as careful and detailed as he was at The Way of Abrahadabra, for this is not an introduction to magick and its fundamentals, but an additional tool to the learned practitioner. 

The magician is expected to apply the sorcery of past Aeons with the law and wisdom of the scientific method under mystical aims in order to later advance further into a modern approach to magick, which we consider to have become dormant since ancient greece and egypt, stepping directly from there to quantum physics and modern psychology. The Book of Isis, called Nature, has taught us much inbetween, and the bridge needs to be cemented in order for us to step into the future of this craft with both feet on the ground. This aim will be approached in our book, but to get to it, the magician must cross the dark ages. 

Be warned that without the proper knowledge of the laws of creativity, imagination, analogy and material applications, at some point of this book the reader may easily fall prey to either fantasy, superstition or skepticism, and the ordeals will fall harder on the untrained. Be that as it may, if this book has fallen into your hands know that when the candidate is ready knowledge will unveil.

It remains to say that it would be ridiculous for me to lecture the mature magician on his conduct, he being sovereign, but although every Aeon has its own morals, this book is mostly concerned with Maat, and to pay it homage the magician is to keep truth, balance and justice in mind and heart at all times.

This book is a complex work and if the magician is ever stuck, he is to go back to different systems and perfect his training of magick. The Path of Ipsos is a work meant for the magician to whom magick is a primary reality, coming natural and easy like breath. From the first to the last exercise we will have come so far that it is hard for the magician to understand where he is at, objectively. This is why the most important ingredient of this book is also the simplest, the double journal of truth and balance. We hope that the magician will somehow become a living talisman, a catalyst for human progress.
The book comes in two editions.
Standard Edition comes in white with black sigil print. Limited to 55
Deluxe Edition comes in full Leather in red and  black sigil print. Limited to 22

Table of Content
The Shamanic Aeon/Nameless Aeon and the formula of BES
The Aeon of the Mother/Aeon of ISIS and the formula of LASHTAL
The Aeon of the Father/Aeon of Osiris and the formula of VIAOV
The Aeon of the Son/Aeon of Horus and the formula of ABRAHADABRA
The Aeon of the Daughter,/Aeon of Maat and the formula of IPSOS
The Aeonic Systems of Magick
The Nameless Aeon
The Aeon of the Mother
The Aeon of the Father
The Aeon of the Son
The Aeon of the Daughter

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