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Qliphotic Worlds "Parables of the Darkly Divine"

Qliphotic Worlds
"Parables of the Darkly Divine"

By Cort Williams

Within this tome of Dark Gnosticism, Cort Williams reveals the ever-winding ways of Qliphothic mysticism.
Through this grimoire you shall find several aphorisms pertaining to the madness and pleasures that can ravage the initiate in their personal walking of the nightside tree. New interpretations and explorations of the often misunderstood Tunnels of Set. Various essays collected from over ten years of experience in channeling the Qliphothic forces.The Grimoire includes sigils from Edgar kerval and Kaela in colorful plates. 

Standard Edition Strictly limited to 33 hand numered copies, all of them includes a wood piece with KURGASIAX sigil.

Price $ 90 us (including registered shipping post)

Deluxe Edition limited to 11 copies, comes with an original oil painting by Kaela
Price $ 250 us (including registered shipping post)


Qliphotic Aphorisms
The Qliphotic Tunnels
The Order of the Ebon Spire, Or the Black Adept As An Empire Unto Hirself
The Qliphoth and the Cthulhu Mythos: Parallels
An Approach to Working With the Qliphothic Forces
Golachab and Gasheklah
Qliphoth in a Nut(shell)
Meditations on the Black Adept
Cain, the Serpent, and the Womb of the Earth
The Temple-Fortress of the Black Magus
Meditations on the Tower in the context of the Black Adept
The Tower, the Black Brother, and Love-in-Separation
The Icy Meon
Titanic Satanism
Nahemoth and Smithcraft
Black Magic and Satanism

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