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NOXOBNIA Feminine Deities in Left Hand Path

Feminine deities in Left Hand Path

NOX*OB*NIA emerges from the conjunction of the words NOX=Night, OB= indicating the essence of Lunar current, NIA = the secret gateway or womb which opens the gates to B universe.This Anthology examines in a deep way, the occult context from an Historical, antropological and personal gnosis through diverse essays the contemplation of the role of Femenine deities in traditional and contemporary praxis focused into Left Hand Path traditions. Its symbolism and methods of working through extended material from diverse authors congregating essays, poetry, images, rituals into an explorative path focused to chanelize the femenine lunar current. Through this grimoire the adept understand the concepts of divine initiation through the powerful archetypes of dark goddesses with the purpose to awaken the power within in order to open the gateways of the soul to the influx of lunar current veiled by Femenine deities in diverse magickal traditions.  

"I Am The Serpent and Seed of the Forbidden Garden"

Feminine Deities in Left Hand Path

Asenath Mason "Triple Moon Goddess"
Linda Falorio "Emme Ya Planet of Women"
Veronica Rivas "Kurukulla: The Wrathful Queen of Uddiyana"
Abby Helasdottir "From the Inner Eggs, the Howling Darkness and the Black Water:
Ruha as multifaceted goddess in Mandaean cosmology
Stephanie Connolly Reisner "The Crucible of Seshat"
lukasz Grochocki "Echoes from the Dream Forest."
Sean Woodward "Going to Callenish
Bill Duvendack "Birth of A New Goddess"
Thomas Karlsson "The Poem to Peorð: Invocation to Hel"
Asbjorn Torvol "The Valkyrja:The Daughters of War"
Humberto Maggi "The Kabbalistic Lilith"
J.A Perez "Matter Carissima"
Magick Kazim " Invocation to Lilith"
Fr.Arzaq "Mezoamerican goddesses of death"
Edgar Kerval "Maman Brigitte: Vodou Goddess of The Dead"

Art from :

Amanda Macneil
Sarah-Jayne Farrer
Roberto Milusic Migliussi
Chris Undirheimar

Strictly Limited to 111 copies
Hard cover including colorful plates
first 33 coming with 4 print cards with the art of
Chris Undirheimar and "Vodou Goddess of the Dead" Cd
Cost $ 85 us including registered shipping post

Deluxe Editions comes in full black goat skin leather
including cristal quartz offered to the goddesses Kali ,Lilith, Hekate and Hel
Cost $ 250 us including registered shipping post

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