miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2017

SAT EN ANPU (Book of Anubis)

(Book of Anubis)
Bill Duvendack

While a Popular deity, there is really very little known about Anubis, as the Greeks called him. Often
and increasingly relegated to a minor role in the Egyptian mythos, Anubis was actually so much more than a helper to Isis. He was the original god od the dead, and the central figure in the predynastic epoch.  Often times he is misunderstood or considered to be something he is not. This tome will take a detailed look at him, his history, related characters, and magical tools and practices that correspond to him. it will also take a look at the many masks of death gods in various cultures to see how they related back to him. This is the most extensive look at Anubis that has been published to date.

Standard edition limited to 49 copies only. including a wood altar piece 
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