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Aseanth Mason & Edgar Kerval

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QLIPHOTH opus VII "Typhonian Erotognosis"

opus VII
"Typhonian Erotognosis"

The ethos of the typhonian calls, has risen from the vaporous towers of erotocomatose rituals of LIM ASH KAMAT,and through the liminal fire, Qliphoth opus VII emerges including 140 pages, with essays and colorful illustrations.

This time the grimoire will be released in 2 editions

Hard cover edition limited to 22 copies (includes Cd) $ 85 us (includes registered shipping post)
Deluxe Edition limited to 22 copies (includes pendant, and cd)
only distributed by MISKATONIK Books
for more info :

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Slavic Demonology by Lukasz Grochocki

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illustrations by Gary Rosdemberg, Matt Baldwin Ives, Giselle Bolotin, Dizmah, Sean Woodward

DARK FRUIT Enochian Grimoire VOL II

Enochian Grimoire
by Bill Duvendack
Artwork by Rich Brewer

The companion book to “In the Shadow of the Watchtower, Enochian Grimoire Volume 1,” Dark Fruit shares the experiences that occurred during the exploration of Enochian Magick by a group of intrepid explorers. Specifically, it focuses on the events that occurred when the Enochian system from the first volume was implemented. Limited to 49 copies, this book is a collection of images, stories, gnosis, and initiations that serve not only as an introduction to this newly discovered Enochian material, but is also a glimpse into the magical record of a working Enochian group. Published by Sirius Limited Esoterica, this quality book takes the reader on an adventure into the unknown, and offers an intimate look at this material.
cost: $100 USD