jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

Salve Rex Mortis

Sirius limited Esoterica

by edgar Kerval

This grimoire is highly focused into the mysterious arcana of the deathbringer. Its deep necrosophic gnosis, praxis and rituals revealed through the experiences and ritual works through years of working. The book circled the sinister path of the black crosses and the way to use its respective calls using the methods of invocation, devotional mantras,and the construction of fetishes and seals for personal working. 

The "Salve Rex Mortis " deluxe edition is limited to 13 copies.
Comes in dark red full leather with engraved sigil in front in a black clothe bag.
Ritual music Cd "The Crown ov the Blackthorns" 
Signed with blood 
Contains the Deathbringer Rosarium
A Bone Talisman with emporwement sigil painted
Price : $ 250 + 50 shipping post worldwide

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