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LIL AZ'H'AZ LIL "the grimoire of the arachnian goddess"

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"the grimoire of the arachnian goddess"
Edgar Kerval

 by Asenath Mason

*Lilitu- Az :A Temple, A Path explored

*The Astral Path Of Lilitu
(Vampire Astral Queen)

*The Acausal Rite Of Lilitu

*Through the Cave of Az

*Sexual Congress of Lilitu-Az

*The Rite Of The Black Serpents

*The Lascive Rites Of Naamah

*The Five Pillars Of Fire

*The First Pillar Of Fire
(Fire of Naamah)

*Invocation Through The Fire Of Naamah

*The Second Pillar Of Fire
(The Fire of Isheth Zenunim)

*Invocation Through The Fire Of Isheth Zenunim

*The Third Pillar Of Fire
(The Fire Of Orgath Bath Mahalath)

*Invocation Through The Fire Of Orgath Bath Mahalath

*The Fourth Pillar Of Fire
(The Fire Of Az)

*Invocation Through the Fire Of Az

*The Fifth Pillar Of Fire
(The Fire Of Lilitu-Az)

*Invocation Through the Fire Of Lilitu -Az

*Rite Of Absorbing The Lunar Current Of 

* The Phosphoresent Red Tunnel of Thantifaxath

*The pyramid Of Thantifaxath
(Dream Path Working)

*The Queen Of the night
(Hymn to Lilitu)
by Nekro 23

*The Sacred Elixirs And Tinctures

*The Final Pylon Of Lilitu
(Automatic writing)

Images in the book by : Sarah-Jayne Farrer, Barry James Lent, Matt Baldwin-Ives, Diego Sanchez Garcia, Kaela and Edgar Kerval
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