jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016


Sean Woodward

"One becomes bombarded by visions of the arcane"

The Grimoire of ZAL is retrieved from contacts deep within the Iz-za-Zahal, the Red Dragon Cult of Leng. It gives the history of its dark rites and the secret Six Bodies teaching which lead to the knowledge of the Secret Angel and the inter-incarnational powers of the initiate. Touching upon Tibetan tantric teachings, Bon-Po and the medieval Arthurian mysteries it is a journey that starts in the bayous of Louisiana and leads to the secret tantric temple of Lukhang and beyond. Illustrated throughout by the author it includes a cover designed by Sean Woodward and Matt Baldwin-Ives.

Regular edition hardbound with printed colorful cover, 120 grams text block and includes a ritual music cd
price : 70 us and 15 us shipping post

the deluxe edition comes in green dark leather including a hand made tibetan style mala and a ritual musick cd . 
price : 250 us and 50 us shipping post

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