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Asha' Shedim
The Lilin Society

The Sinister Aeon contains the teachings and rituals of the Satanic Gnostic group The Lilin Society. Written by its founder and leader, Asha’Shedim, this book explores the dark arts of Gnostic Satanism and Quimbanda. Much of this book contains material which was once previously unavailable to the public and in print for the first time. Taken directly from the Sacred Book of Ahriman, the manuscripts within will guide the Satanist toward spiritual evolution of the Azoth, aid in achieving Gnosis and help change and develop the causal world around him.

The Grimoire comes in 101 pages printed in 120 grms paper and strictly limited to 55 copies!
Dark red faux leather with black sigil in front
Each grimoire comes a red bag.

cost : The book cost $ 70 us and $ 15 us shipping post registered!

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