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"The Keys of DeathBringer, and the Waters of No Return" 
This grimoire is an in-depth voyage to the waters of death, moving from anthropological to psychological and to the most hidden roots. Focused on the deep study, Praxis and development of the patron of death, death deities, and necromantic rituals. It also contains Necrosophic and Qayanite traditions in its most explorative forms. This anthology offers a unique amalgamation of contributors,each offering all of their knowledge within the pages. The third volume in a series of grimoires that will open a pathway of instruction to powerfull fetish rituals, death devotional chants, and invocations dedicated to death deities, necromancy and in depth explorations and its transgressive nature veiled through knowledge. 

The grimoire includes full colour plates of Artists such as Matt Baldtwin - Ives, Kaela, Sean Woodward,Itan celebrimbor..
Also the first 33 copies comes with a bone talisman.
Price $ 85 Us (including Registered shipping Post)

Deluxe Edition comes in full Goatskin leather and includes a mala with the sigil of the arcana of deathbringer in bone. and also a bone talisman.
Price $ 250 us (including Registered shipping Post)

Info & Paypal :  kerval111@gmail.com

*Death Spirits, Their Laws and Protocols - ljossal lodursson
*Hecate: the Psychopomp - Asenath Mason
*Necromancy in Draconian Egypt, a Perspective - Bill duvendack
*Sacred and Profane : The erotic touch of  Death in Mesoamerican cosmovision - Veronica Rivas
*Of Sword & Wand :Homeric Contributions for the Art of Necromancy
*Till Death do I Part - J.A Perez
*The Vampyre Lords of the Dead - Sean Woodward
*Necromantia Daemoniacus: To Honor Bune - Stephanie Connolly Reisner
*The Masks of Death - her importance in the world's vision and in the magickal practices -by Leonard Dewar
*Hels Veil: Peering into Helhiem - by Asbjorn Torvol
*A ritual Necromantique - by Nikolai Saunders
*The Corpse Priestesses of Shub-Niggurath... -by Necro Magickal
*The Magickal Use of Tobbaco in San La Muerte Cultus - by Edgar Kerval
The Bone River Working - Lukasz Grochocki

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