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A Practical Grimoire of Qliphotic Sorcery 

AST MA ION-EOS TAR NIXET is the deep examination through the fields of qliphothic sorcery. Its praxis, rituals and sabbatical maps gathered in a beautiful grimoire consecrated by the author and offered to respective qliphoth. The book itself is a portal to influx through a proper initiation in the Qliphotic mysteries,so we shall finally manifest our seeds of immortality under the throne of Thaumiel, and be self-crowned under the veil of its ineffable powers. Containing the entire invisible forces of astral, mental and spiritual worlds, moving through dark paths and primal atavisms, interconnecting with each other through infinite tunnels in the depths of the subconscious, Ast Ma Ion-Eos Tar Nixet.

The grimoire is limited to 111 copies only!!
The sinister Flame (standard edition) 100 copies
The primal shadow (deluxe) 11 copies
Each copy is hand numered and consecrated by the author.
Each book includes a ritual musik cdr called "Qliphotic Emanations" 
also the book includes an introduction by Aseanth Mason 


*Introduction (by Asenath Mason)
*Via qliphotica
*A brief comment about Qliphoths and Qliphotic sorcery
*Opening The Eye Of Lilith (Lilith)
*The Formula Of Isheth Zenunim (Rite Of Ingress)
*Intoxication In The Red Garden(Gamaliel)
*Sexual Dreaming, Path Working Rite
*Devouring The Inner Fire (Samael)
*The formula Of The Poison Of God (Rite of Initiation)
*Through The Claws Of Eternity (A'arab Zaraq)
*The rite of Black mirror
*Crossing The Black Sun (Thagirion)
*Transmuting The Black Egg of the void
*Beyond The Gate Of Burning Fire (GOLACHAB)
*The Rite Of Awakening The Primal Shadow
*Through the golden temple (Gha’Agsheblah)
*Death trance emanation ritual
*Reabsorbing the Spectral Vessel (Satariel)
*Rite of the spectral light
*The Mask Of  Astral copulation (GHAGIEL)
*Rite Of Opening the Astral Gate
*The Throne of Atavistic God(Thaumiel)
*The masks Of Thaumiel

Cd "Qliphothic Emanations" 

1.walking the nightside path
2.The shadows of Apotheosis
3.Ast Ma Ion-Eos Tar Nixet
4.sanctuary of the gnosis of the great void.
5.Turbulent waters of wisdom
6-A morpho-primal congregation.

67 minutes of pure ritual qliphothic emanations.

limited to 111 copies
includes art visuals seals by Edgar Kerval & Hagen Von tulien

The book cost:
75 us +10 shipping post (worldwide)
payment via paypal: in2thegrey@yahoo.com

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