martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015

"The Masks Ov Belial"
Pro cdr 2015

The album was recorded during live rituals and trance manifestations at the month of October 2013,after some perios of isolation and self- illumination. The work was really potent and charged with the innefable light of Belial and each one of its primal masks,veiled in mysterious wisdom and sacred spiritual metamorphosis which is reflected in each one of the 4th compositions unleashed here,through 51 minutes of pure ritual dark ambient.

List Tracks

1-The Mask ov the black Serpent
  (the Fire ov Infernal Gnosis)

2-Devoured by the Sacred Essence
  (Belial's Manifesto)

3- The Mask ov Infernal Void
 (Ayi Opinit Maret)

4-Under the Seal ov Infinite Wisdom
(The Temple ov Shadows)

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