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-Under The Mask Ov The Red Gods- 
("The oracle of blood") edition

An in deep exploration inside the mysterious spirits manifestation known as The Red Gods. In this practical grimoire full of potent rituals though 4 years and the use of blood and sexual libations,Lucid dreaming meditations,automatic paintings,invocation,diagrams...to connect with each one of 7 qliphotic forces.
raw and suggestive visuals by Michael Gallant and Edgar Kerval.
A poweful book to those deeply into Qliphotic sorcery,left hand path...

A revised and included new pieces of visual art,trasgressive manifestationd and a ritual musik cd called "Vessels Ov Primigenian kaos".  

This edition of VIA SINIESTRA comes in colorful hard cover.
strictly limited to 33 copies only,signed and consecrated directly by Edgar Kerval

Table of Contents

*Preliminary Aspects Related the Red Gods 
*Elixirs For The Red Gods 
*The Spectral Light 
*Preliminary works in the use of rituals with spirits 
*Opening the Astral Temple (ritual) 
*Talisman Consecration Rite 
*Description and rituals for each one of the Red gods 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
*Zukut - Ma 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 
Lucid Dreaming Meditation 

The book cost 75 us + 10 shipping post (worldwide)

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"Red icons manifesting in absolute nothingness
As a liquid light showing a path into the great void
Veils and tearing her invisible light
Showing strange voices manifesting in my being
And penetrating me with his sinister bursts
Pale faces formless pleasure and ecstasy
Madness and frenzy.... We have entered the new Aeon!
The Aeon of the Red Gods" 
by Edgar Kerval

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